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A Few Results Over The Years...

Working with a medical device manufacturing company start-up to develop supply chain partners and a reimbursement & pricing strategy. [April 2011 - November 2012]

  • RESULT: Successfully maneuvered Centers for Medicare Services reimbursement issues, assisted with the state of Tennessee & the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce to include joining a trade mission to China and South Korea, & cataloged supply chain options locally, regionally & internationally. Product was launched November 2012.

Working with both the CEO & President of a landfill management company operating in eight states, REA identified threats and opportunities with contingencies established during new EPA regulation implementation. Meetings with U.S. Senators and Congressmen were facilitated in Washington, DC, relations with the EPA and state regulatory agencies were established and strengthened. [September 2010 - December 2013]

  • RESULT: Strategic decisions on budget, acceptance of new landfill contracts with extremely weak compliance, and short-term goals were drastically changed to navigate the regulatory upheaval. Changes in the business plan and strategic outlook prevented approximately 50 layoffs with a positive trajectory on profits.

Assisting start-up technology company in municipal research, developing relationships with early adapters & decision-makers and with contacts in TN Economic & Community Development & the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (a nonprofit buying group). [August 2010 - February 2011]

  • RESULT: Company employs 15 with $5.4 million in revenue.

Commissioned to research, compose & present a White Paper at the request of the Tennessee House Energy Task Force regarding energy exploration opportunities and obstacles with the state's oil, natural gas, and shale oil natural resources. [August 2011- October 2011]

  • RESULT: White Paper presented October 2011 & used as a resource for policy development by the TN House GOP Caucus.

Created bylaws, governing documents, assembled board & officers of a multi-candidate state Political Action Committee comprised of Neurosurgeons, Orthopedic Spine Surgeons, & Interventional Pain Physicians for the purpose of protecting their interests in the legislative & regulatory environment in Nashville. [December 2010 - current]

  • RESULT: Legislation was passed to protect scope of practice interests, reimbursement issues & tort reform. Through negotiations with Tennessee's Governor's office, the House & Senate Judiciary Committees & the Lt. Governor's office to lower a tort cap from $2.25 million to $1 million while matching legal & medical definitions to clarify a catastrophic designation.

Coalition work with the TN Dept of Labor and Workforce Development, the TN Medical Association, the TN Orthopedic Society, and the Neuro-Spine Committee through advisory panels, working groups, and state committees to protect provider interest in TN's Worker Compensation Reform. [September 2011 - April 2013]

  • RESULT: Tennessee Workers Compensation Reform Act is law with favorable provider outcomes.

Healthcare coalition work to write and pass legislation to address commercial insurance prospective guideline availability and utilization review processes. [November 2012 - May 2014]

  • RESULT: Public Chapter No. 731 became law in rewriting statute.

Working with Texas and Tennessee investors, research and meetings were conducted in Kentucky and Tennessee regarding oil drilling and land acquisition. [July 2011 - October 2011]

  • RESULT: Feasibility studies were conducted, legal team assembled for land purchase, active oil rig established.

Worked with high tech manufacturing company on feasibility of 3-D manufacturing in in the defense industry establishing meetings with Oak Ridge National Laboratories and the East Tennessee Economic Council. [July 2013 - February 2014]

  • RESULT: Ongoing work on manufacturing expansion

As lead consultant, campaigns run in State of Tennessee: Field Staff for Lamar Alexander; TN State House District 27; TN State House Disrict 30; in Davidson County - General Sessions Court Judge; in Hamilton County - Sheriff, District Attorney, Public Defender, Chancery Court Judge, Circuit Court Judge, Criminal Court Clerk; in Knoxville region - 9th Circuit Court Judge. [October 2013 - November 2014]

  • RESULT: Ninety percent win rate.

Working with varied stakeholders on legislation to prevent contract changes in an industry that disproportionately benefit only one entity. [April - current]

  • RESULT: Upon passage, Tennessee will be the first state in the nation with such legislation.

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